The Image shows the final output from a lilliput system.

Uses for recycled water:

Lilliput® saves on water usage and bills by using recycled water for:

  • Flushing
  • Irrigation
  • Car washing
  • Filling swimming pools and water features

The results of Lilliput recycled wastewater speak for themselves. Below are the technical results of recycled water produced by Lilliput® sewage treatment plants.


Lilliput Final

DWA Requirement

pH 6.0 5.5-9.5
Conductivity (ms/m) 34 70
COD (mg/l) 28 75
OA (mg/l) 4.4
Suspended solids (mg/l) <10 25
Alkalinity (mg/l) 13
o-Phosphate (mg/l) 3 10
Ammonia (mg/l) 3 6
Nitrate (mg/l) 11.1 15

* DWA = Department of water affairs

Waste is biologically processed and output is 100% odourless and pathogen free.

Lilliput® produces purified re-usable water which complies with responsible disposal requirements and more then satisfies limits for discharge to the environment.