Save water with a Lilliput. Lilliput recycles 100% of waste water from toilets, baths, showers, sinks and other water waste. If treated properly this water is completely re-usable. If you are serious about saving water via water recycling, be sure to read more about lilliput systems.

recycle water
  • Lilliput offers a green and environmentally friendly solution to sewage treatment.
  • Society must play a part in preserving the environment. Lilliput holds Conservation and Environmental Responsibility in the highest regard.
  • Lilliput  systems help the planet by recycling 100% of waste water!
  • Lilliput uses minimal power <0.039kw /hr for a single house,
  • Lilliput can even be gravity fed under the right conditions.
  • Lilliput is a simple, efficient and cost effective solution to help combat the water crisis which is enveloping the world.

Lilliput® is a member of the Water Institute of Southern Africa – no. 22408.